Feb 6, 2012

Fat Bottomed Girl


I’m trying to blame my newly acquired few extra pounds on the winter. But the truth is, I’ve been to many excellent restaurants in Tokyo recently. I’m still too busy enjoying the good memories to start feeling remorse.

Japanese food culture is world famous. When you go to a restaurant in Tokyo, you expect to be fed professionally. The focus is on food and only food, especially at expensive restaurants.

So you see people tasting food and talking about food. But there are not many smiles around usually, not to mention loud laughter. It’s a bit like wine tasting sessions really. Japanese take their food very seriously.

Tokyo is for foodies and connoisseurs. But people seem to forget that food is not everything at the table. You also have your friend(s) with you!

I am a foodie too, but I also love a good conversation. If I have great company, I can appreciate the food even more. And I don’t mean just talking about the food, mind you.

When I host a party, I always make sure that everybody has someone to talk with. But when Japanese host a party, they make sure that everyone has something to eat.

I suppose it’s a tough decision. Everyone’s got only one mouth after all. To eat or to talk, that’s the question.