Aug 14, 2011

Gonna Make You Sweat

It has been unbearably hot and humid every day. When the repressing air is still and stale, you can almost wring the water out of it. You walk out of the door, and the suffocating heat hits you on the face, quickly envelopes your body, and sinks brutally into every pore of your skin.

The relentless heat has forced many people seeking refugees in cafes, shops, or sometimes, museums.

I went to a reception at the Museum of Modern Art the other day. One of the pieces displayed that day was a painting 80% covered with black ink. I think the title was “The Accident.” There was also a curious piece with 2 wires sticking out which should be entitled “The Extra Material From The Garage.”

It was great fun renaming all the artwork you take a fancy to. Seriously, you should try it next time when you run out of entertainment options.

But after an hour in the museum, I was half frozen from the powerful air-conditioning. So I made my escape, but as soon as I stepped out of the museum, the ruthless heat and malicious humidity almost choked me, and the beautiful finger food I just had started to protest in my poor surprised stomach that was over chilled first, then overstuffed and finally overheated suddenly.

I did manage to keep the food in until I got back home though. God, I haven’t been so sick for years. You see, too much modern art is not good for you!