Aug 31, 2011

Seasons In the Sun

The other day I walked into Zara, sun on my back, sweat on my face, relived to have some free air-conditioning, and then I found all the clothes in the shop were already in autumn fashion, with dark colors, long-sleeves and fur trims.

I saw this drop-dead gorgeous white down jacket there, although I wonder who in her right mind would pick it up and try it on, when it was 34 degrees outside!

When the seasons start to change, I first take inventory of my last year collection, then I do some market research like window shopping and observing other girls on the street, and finally decide to buy something must-have for this season. It could be a leopard-print scarf, a funky long pearly necklace, or a pair of black, knee-high suede boots.

Although fashion is one of my passions, I refuse to pay top dollar so that I can look exactly the same as everyone else! I am usually a good girl and can wait till the sale, except for something I fall in love with at the first sight.

Some of my friends are ready for the coming autumn. The have just bought some new clothes they absolutely have to have and now they are waiting for the first chance to show off their autumn style.

This morning I read the latest Vogue in the saloon and surprise surprise, it seems this autumn's fashion is not much different from last autumn’s, or the year before for that matter.

Anyway I don't know why some people read those magazines like bible. The models all look either angry or depressed, perhaps because they are hungry and harassed?