Aug 16, 2011

Stand By Me

When you listen to a new song, do you listen to the lyrics first or the melody first?

What's your favorite song? Do you like it because of the lyrics or melody?

Two of my friends never listen to any lyrics. It's quite an accomplishment, in my opinion.

As for me, the bass line is the first thing I notice. I tend to fall in love with strong and distinctive beats immediately.

The composition structure is also an important factor. I prefer simple structure because the simple things are often the most beautiful. And I insist on real instruments because I believe humans should be more creative and expressive than computers.

But the deciding factor is the melody, which I can get trapped in for years. And again a good tune is never complicated.

Lyrics are often just the human voice component of the songs, an instrument to me, although words could also be the most powerful element in a song if they are really well written.

Everyone has a different taste in music. I have never met anyone with the same taste as mine, which is a good thing, I suppose.

Not many songs can get both melodies and lyrics right. Most pop songs now are just mass-produced trash. The melodies are interchangeable and almost all identical and the lyrics are non-existing sometimes.

One of the Japanese songs I unfortunately came across recently has only one line, “woo-wao-woo,” or something like that! I am not even sure if the singer can actually speak or not.

I much prefer old songs. Give me a song like “Stand By Me” anytime!