Aug 19, 2011


For many people, summer means the beach. But for me, the only thing I can do at the beach is purely decorative. I can’t swim!

Of course I did take swimming lessons before, like everyone else. But I just hate swallowing the dirty water soooo much that I can never learn how to breathe properly in the water. (Yeah, I am a spitter!)

Besides, I really don’t see the point. God didn’t give us gills for a reason. And we shouldn’t fly either, because we don’t have wings.

We walk usually, and we run only when necessary. It’s very simple.

Some of my friends are surfers. I think they are just trying to be fish and bird at the same time. Very cute!

Having said that, I can definitely see the reason why people want to go to the beach on a hot summer day like today. Although I can’t swim, I can still play with the cool sea water or try to build an even cooler sand castle.

But then again, I will have to cover myself with layers and layers of SPF 50 sunscreen, in case I feel the need to expose any part of my body.

Hmmm, I remember now, I still have a brand new black halter-top bikini I bought last year. To be honest, I still don’t know why I bought it. And now I wonder if I will ever wear it…