Aug 15, 2011


Sometimes I wonder if I should just start writing science fictions, erotic fantasies or children's stories, in order not to offend anyone. But unlike all the talented writers, it seems I can only draw inspiration from real life, MY life!

And I love writing, OK, it’s an understatement, I am addicted to writing! But I am not writing a diary because you shouldn’t believe everything I say here, and I have no need to share my life with strangers. I simply enjoy the creating process. Words are fascinating.

One of the things I studied before was journalism. I know how to make news. Another thing I studied was accounting, so I also know how to manipulate numbers.

Well, you can probably say I am creative. Hey, I can say anything I want here, it’s my blog. Read it or leave it!

I thought I had made it very clear that I am not writing a newspaper article or producing a balance sheet here, but some people seem to think everything I report here should be all backed up by hard evidence, and before I publish each blog entry, I should always obtain permission from every person I ever mention, preferably in paper and properly signed of course.

So for example, if I write about a black BMW, I should first do my fact check to verify if it's really black, and it would be even better if I could acquire a photo or two to show my readers the car is in fact black, not white!

Secondly, I should also get the permission from the car if it would be OK that I mentioned it in my blog. In case the car refuses to be exploited as my writing material, then I should never mention the car.

Of course I don’t want to be sued for libel, so yes, I have taken all the required steps, and I’ve got the photos and the written statement of the damn car ready here, if you are interested.

And in the meantime I shall keep writing, since I still firmly believe in the freedom of speech, and besides, I’ve got no money to go to rehab for my writing addiction anyway!