Aug 12, 2011

Que Si Que No

We had the final exam this week. I am doing the grading now. But sometimes it’s a very tough decision whether I should let some of them pass or not.

Of course I am always trying to be fair, but as a principle, I don’t like to fail anyone. The reason is, oh well, when I was a uni student myself, I was the worst nightmare of my teachers!!

I skipped the lessons so often that once my teacher was forced to send a classmate to ask if I had actually registered at the school that semester… And all my classmates were so pissed off when I accidentally won the scholarships at the end of the semester!

The thing is, I was soooooo busy! I was a member of the uni orchestra, played the piano for the choir, and at the same time edited the school newspaper. I simply didn’t have any time to go to the classes!!!

Back then I had so many ambitious dreams, but none of them ever involved becoming a teacher myself! And now as a teacher, I feel I am in no position to ask my students to do something I didn’t care to do myself before, namely, study!

If they happen to come to my class, great! If they choose not to, fine. I keep telling them if they just come to my class for the attendance, but don’t pay any attention at all, I would rather have them out of my classroom and do something else they are actually interested in.

Having said that, I was still very surprised when I saw some of the students showing up for the final exam who I had never laid eyes upon before. I had to restrain myself from going up to them and saying nice-to-meet-u!

So now the question is, pass or fail, yes or no????