Aug 3, 2011

She’s A lady

I had lunch with a friend at my favorite French restaurant in Shinagawa last week. We were having coffee when a graceful western lady walked in. She sat down next to us with her friend.

I couldn't help admiring her. She is in her late 50's, has a boyish haircut and a figure like a girl's. She was wearing a simple short black dress and a silver necklace.

But what drew my attention was the way she carried herself. She has a rare elegance, natural and effortless, which can only come from within.

I told my friend I wanted to grow up just like her !!

In fact, I had to try very hard not to stare. I asked my friend whether it would be rude to go and talk to her. And she said it would be quite unusual, but she would try to talk her, even though she didn't think it would be witty enough to say something like, 'My friend and I are just talking about how beautiful you are!'

So I suggested she say, 'My friend and I are just talking about you. Beautiful is such an understatement for you!' instead. And she agreed.

But later she almost chickened out. I had to egg her on. And she finally gathered enough courage to approach the object of our admiration and deliver our little declaration.

The older lady was so pleased, although obviously a bit embarrassed. She told us we had made her day.

The memory of her smile still warms me now.