Aug 14, 2011

Running Scared

One of my friends bought a car last month, a black BMW.

I drove before, but not after I moved to Tokyo. And the extent of my knowledge about cars is appallingly limited.

The only 2 things I usually notice when I see a car are the color and the maker.

Pink is good, but very rare. Red is my second favorite, and black or blue are also acceptable.

About the maker though, I've never been into brands. And I hate speed, which also rules out sports cars, even if I try my best to ignore the ridiculous image often associated with the people behind their wheels.

My first car was a sensible, reliable, brand-new blue Toyota. I was a very careful driver because I only hit still targets such as garage walls or parked cars. And I crawled.

The driving test was the only exam I have ever failed in my life so far.

I have zero sense of directions if there are no shops involved, which makes my driving an adventure every single time. If I don't follow the same route, I get lost immediately. And don’t even mention GPS now, I am hopeless with maps, even if I turn them around in all angles..

Well I guess I shouldn't really be allowed to drive anywhere, so why bother getting myself a car anyway, especially here in Tokyo, when there is a Yamanote train every 2 minutes?