Sep 6, 2011

Another Way to Die

I have a speed phobia.

I can't drive on the highway because I can never cut into the racing-by traffic at the intersection. I can't ski because I don’t know how to make myself jump off the ski lift on the top of the hill.

The only time I went skiing, I took the lift, missed the spot on the top, and made a full circle back down to the starting point. I spent the rest of the day watching my friends skiing and making snowmen with some kids there.

But strangely, I am reckless enough to be on a motorcycle as a passenger. I guess it’s because I know I can keep my eyes closed whenever I feel the need to. The first and also the last time I tried to learn to ride a motorcycle myself, I ended up with a lump as big as an egg on my forehead.

Luckily it didn’t happen when I tried to learn how to drive a car, although I don’t really drive, I just crawl with my car.

I think I can safely blame this on my mum, a total control freak who will not only tell you what to do but also how, where and when. She wipes the doorknobs and her car keys every day.

What's my chance to grow up normal, I ask you?

It's only natural that I consider many things risky business. For example, I am 100% certain I can never learn to swim. Do you know how dirty the water is in the pool and the sea??? You must be joking!

Some of my friends ride horses and I consider them crazy and subconsciously suicidal.

Have I mentioned that? I hate speed!