Sep 17, 2011

Sweet Blockbuster

Many people are movie fans. But I bet you can't find two people with the identical taste in movies!

Some people can watch movies in marathon, 6, 7 hours nonstop. I guess it's just a form of brainless entertainment to them. But I can't.

I watch one movie at a time, and preferably in one go, not in installment. And if I am not watching alone, I need my company to keep quiet, because I like to watch in total silence.

No questions like 'What did he just say?' No smart-ass guessing like 'I think he is the next one to be killed!' No comments like 'Hey, she is not wearing a bra!' And definitely no discussion during the movie, like 'Where would you like to go later?'

But of course the most important is the movie itself. To me, there are 3 categories of movies, intolerable trash, tolerable trash and must-watch-agains.

Horrors, war movies with lots of blood, and dumb comedies all belong to the first category. I particularly hate the movies that insult my intelligence.

Tolerable movies include legal thrillers (somebody suing), clever chic flicks (somebody loving) and human dramas (somebody dying.)

The last category is reserved for some heavyweight, thought-provoking movies like "Green Miles" or "Shawshank Redemption", and some featherweight, well-written comedy classics like "A Fish Called Wanda" or "When Harry Met Sally".

A good movie, in my definition, is one you can watch over and over again and get something new and different out of it every time. Hey, maybe I should make a movie someday!