Sep 15, 2011

I Feel Pretty

Shopping is the national sport in Japan. Almost everyone here is shopaholic. And if you still think men don't enjoy shopping, you should come and have a look.

So most people have a huge collection of something sitting in their overstuffed closets in their tiny flats. But of course they have to shop for more. Me included.

And about once a year, depending on how lazy we are, we declutter and throw away tons of stuff, in order to free up some space for more stuff. I am the ruthless type. I only keep necessary junk.

But I know some of my friends are extremely reluctant to say goodbye to their junk. And if they are brave enough to invite you to their flats and you are even braver to go, you will find the place so crowded that it's impossible to see which color their floor is. And be warned, watch out every step you take!

Why do we love shopping? Well, I think we don't have much control over our lives, so we shop. In the shop we can say yes or no to anything there displayed attractively and competing for our attention.

We feel empowered and in control. Retail therapy is the best cure for heartbreak, PMS, depression and many other known or unknown mental disorders. The world seems brighter and you definitely look prettier in the shop mirrors!

It’s also good for pure boredom because of its highly regarded entertainment value. In the big city like Tokyo where we have to go to the zoo to see any animals other than humans and insects, what else can we do except shopping?

OK, I've finished the coffee now, and this cafĂ© is getting too smoky. It’s time to continue my shopping spree and I shall try my best to exercise some control, especially self-control!