Sep 29, 2011


A typhoon is on her way to Tokyo. This morning many schools announced a day off for the kids. And most companies are letting people leave early today.

So now everyone I know is trying to get back home before the typhoon arrives. But then surprise surprise,all the trains have stopped! You know how cautious Japanese are. As a result, everyone is now trapped either in the train or in the office.

Real typhoons seldom come to Tokyo, so many westerners here think it's just a piece of a cake to have another typhoon visiting. But that's only because they don't know about the real typhoons, which bring the wind strong enough to uproot big trees and so much rain to cause land-slide and flood.

But I have fond memories of typhoons from my childhood. Every kid loves typhoon holidays. You get to skip school without having to invent any excuses!

Once though, I was only 6 when we were suddenly released from school because of a super typhoon. But as I was making my way home, I fell into the flooded sewage because there was water everywhere on the street and nobody could see anything in the rain and wind.

I couldn't swim, and still can't. I was almost drowned then, but luckily a man saw me and pulled me out quickly. I was so shocked that I just started walking home again without saying a word.

Till this day I wonder if I would ever have the chance to tell this man what I forgot to say so many years ago, thank you!