Sep 12, 2011

Razzle Dazzle

Is it just a myth that only women and gay men enjoy musicals, while straight men tolerate them just to earn brownie points?

Personally I love musicals, but only the very good ones, of course. I have seen quite a few in the theater, but my all time favorite is still “Chicago.”

The story itself is common enough, a womanizer gets exactly what he deserves and the murderess goes to jail. But it has all the ingredients for a great musical, witty lines, fantastic music and brilliant choreography, etc.

Thought-provoking it may not be, but it certainly reflects the social aspects of the time it depicts, like the injustice of the justice system, the manipulation of news making and so on.

And the notion only women and gay men like musicals? Well I don't know, Italians love their operas, men, women, and children. Chinese operas and Japanese kabuki are popular among both genders. Now don't tell me musicals are different!

So why do straight men feel the need to show their disgust at musicals? To protect their perceived muscularity? Or are there just not enough boobs and blood in musicals? Are musicals too girly and glittering for straight men?

But what’s wrong with some razzle dazzle? Life is just a show anyway!