Sep 7, 2011

Take the A Train

I can’t stand sitting in a car/train/airplane for a long time, even though I am usually very patient. I go to the bookshop and choose books according to their weight and thickness, a bit like what you do in the fruit shop.

But really, I don’t understand why people “go driving.” If for some mysterious reason I am on that trans-Siberian railway journey, I am sure I will keep asking “Are we there?” every 20 minutes.

For me, any kind of transportation is just a mean to go from point A to point B. It’s something to endure, not to enjoy. Now please don’t tell me you can always sleep during the journey, because, well I can’t! As far as I know, only Dracula and some whales sleep vertically.

And besides, I suffer from motion sickness easily. Last time I went to Magic Mountain, I threw up after the 7 circles of roller coaster. Although I am a confirmed M, I will never take another ride (any amusement park can offer) voluntarily. You will have to kidnap me handcuffed!

And the Batman ride? Launched FreeFall? Mega Drop?? I think people have watched too many Nazi movies. As for me, I would much prefer going tot the bookshop and hunt for the thickest, heaviest and juiciest book there.

Now you probably think that I am just a clumsy nerd, but believe me, I can run pretty fast, although I do it carefully so that I don’t gallop into any innocent bystanders. And I have excellent hand-eye coordination, especially after I have some coffee in me. I am also good at machines, as long as they are not moving.

I just don’t understand why people enjoy being caged or tortured, except in the bedroom!