Sep 14, 2011

Can Anyone Explain

Why do people go to the beach? Is the sky really bluer there? Does ice cream taste better there? Or is it because everyone goes, so you feel obliged to be there too? I had so many doubts about the beach before.

Besides, I can’t swim, so I failed to see any reason to be there, except to show off my new bikini. Well, with that purpose in mind, and only that, I went to the beach last weekend, for the first time in my life!

But to my surprise, I really enjoyed it, and not only the bikini-showing part. I loved the gentle breeze on my face and the cool seawater at my feet. And I was always busy watching something at the beach, the blazing sun playing with the water, a black Labrador chasing his red ball, and the people!

At the beach, people-watching is not a mere sport anymore, it’s an art! But of course at the same time, I realize I am also being watched, although being an exhibitionist, I adore that too…

Oh and I collected many stones! I know it's childish, but I always like rocks, even though I don’t rock. Now I have a fine collection of stones with various shapes, colors and texture. I feel so rich!

Actually I took a book there to read, but I was simply too busy taking everything in to even turn a page.

But the best thing was the smell of the sea, warm, wet and salty, which took me right back to my childhood as I grew up by the sea. (Fine, you can laugh now, but I just can't swim!!)

No wonder smell is considered the most powerful trigger of memories.