Nov 8, 2011

Can’t Stop

My uni is offering influenza vaccination shots at a reduced price. Many people have a cold now, and the main symptom is cough. In the class, office, café, train, you hear people coughing everywhere.

But the most common disease people have nowadays is commitment phobia. People don’t commit anymore, to their partners, their careers, even to their lives. 

Hey, why should you be trapped in a dead-end relationship or job, or a certain life? You can always find imperfection in everybody and everything. It makes perfect sense to keep moving on, and never stop.

And if you happen to be a control freak, when things are out of control, and you feel insecure or pressurized, the only thing that remains in your power is to end it all as soon as you come up with enough excuses.

If you are in a relationship and you don’t want to shoulder the blame, you can easily sabotage the relationship by constantly annoying, criticizing and hurting your partner, until your partner can’t stand you anymore and gives up on you.

That’s why unattainable partners are very convenient, like in a long-distance relationship or an affair. You are safe then, nobody has the power to hurt you.

Now if you are the shy type and content being alone, it’s not much of a problem. You can always take up writing, photography, or something.

But if you are the afraid-to-be-lonely type and thus a serial commitment phobic, you might then be labeled as being picky by your friends if you've got any, and promiscuous by your many exes. My suggestion is to befriend a psychiatrist or God, and tell her all your problems.

I think the best for everybody’s sake is pairing up all the people with commitment phobia so that they can play with each other and have all the fun they want, and we will have a much more peaceful world.

And just out of curiosity, is there a vaccination shot for commitment phobia? I would really hate to catch it!