Nov 7, 2011

Sex Bomb

Let's talk about sex appeal today. But first, for those of you too cheap to buy proper porn, sorry, my blog will never be steamy enough to meet your personal needs. Please look elsewhere.

Now back on the topic. What do you consider sexy? Granted, it's subject to gender and individual differences. Everyone is different, although in general men are more visual than women. Men usually focus on tits, ass, and legs, while women prefer muscles. But there must be something we all have in common regarding what we consider sexy.

Forget about brains and personalities, we are talking about animal instinct here. When you are in a party, a club or anywhere people nowadays socialize when everyone is properly covered with something, preferably clothes, who do you rest your wandering eyes upon?

The most interesting person there or the sexiest? Or to put it simply, the one you want to talk to or the one you want to sleep with? I bet your eyes automatically follow the sexist creature around.

And it’s not just looks. It’s in the eyes, the smile, the smell, the way she carries herself, or as many might say, “there is something about her.”

But what exactly is this “something”? Is there a formula for sex appeal? Apparently the answer is yes. You have to be relaxed, confident, free-spirited, and speak well. In other words, you need to be yourself.

I believe sexual attraction, or sparks/chemistry/ pheromone, has little to do with appearance. Being genuine is the key. It’s all in the attitude!