Nov 12, 2011

It Ain’t What You Do (It’s The Way You Do It)

I was such a nerd growing up, and perhaps still am.

At school, I am afraid I was rather a challenge for my teachers. Exams were just a game to me, so instead I borrowed many books from the library and read them in the class, which obviously didn’t make my teachers very happy. But finally they relented, I was allowed to read anything I liked in the class, as long as I submitted a weekly report on the books I had finished that week.

And at home I was not allowed to help with housework because my parents wanted me to study or practice the piano. They were hoping I would become a doctor or a concert pianist one day. But of course I had completely different ideas.

At first I wanted to be a lawyer because I was always talkative, then a journalist because I asked many questions, next a librarian because I loved books and fortunately I also learned to listen.

Then I wanted to be an orchestra conductor because then I could be bossy without any excuses, and finally an accountant because I happened to find myself good at numbers, I mean, compared with my American classmates...

So now I teach. And I love it. I can talk about anything that takes my fancy, ask students all kinds of questions and they have to answer, be as bossy as I choose to be, grade their papers and exams with only prime numbers if I am in the mood, and still read any books I like!

I've finally found the perfect job for myself.