Nov 25, 2011

Show Off

OK, I admit I am an exhibitionist, albeit a shy one. I like to pose for cameras, but I also enjoy staying behind lens. Honestly, I perform to please or tease, never to show off. :)

And I select my audience, usually just my FB friends. All my photographer friends will testify how much I guard my images. In fact, they think it's absurd why I even allow any pics taken in the first place.

Teachers are all closet exhibitionists anyway, although the longer I teach, the deeper I go hiding in my closet. Now I either encourage my students to come out from their own or try to convert them into exhibitionists as well.

But sometimes monsters are created as a result. I often have to listen to confessions, usually accompanied with lots of tears. So I always keep a box of tissue in my classroom. And now I am thinking about buying a couch too.

Many language teachers have probably also noticed that people tend to be much more open and direct when they speak a foreign language, because they don't have time to choose their words.

I suggest all psychiatrists make their patients use a foreign language during the session. Oh and get the tissue ready, lots of it if you can.

Let’s all lose the fear to exhibit our feelings. It’s healthier that way, I think.