Nov 16, 2011

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window

Why do women prefer bad boys? Do they really make our hearts beat faster? Do we all like to play with fire? Well I have to admit I was hopelessly attracted to bad boys before, especially a certain type, the worst kind actually, alpha males.

But alpha males are also bastards. They have to be ruthless and self-centered to reach where they are and to stay in command. They exude confidence and charm. Oh girls fall for them the minute they show any interest. Even men can’t seem to resist them. They are men’s men.

You can find many books teaching men how to become alpha males. Ironically, guys, if you are even contemplating buying one now, I tell you, you won't be able to make it, although you can probably fake it. But it's a good thing really, I can assure you, because alpha-males are the loneliest men in the world.

They will promise you everything at the beginning, because they will say and do anything just to get what they want. In fact, alpha males only focus on what they want and live their life on their terms. What other people think or feel means nothing to them. You are expected to make all the compromises, because they won’t.

And the cleverer ones will ask how are you, even if you are living together, because it’s the safest way to show they care. You see, they don’t want to ask the wrong person how’s her sick mother, do they? But anyway your answer is irrelevant. I suggest next time you tell them your mum just died and wait for them to say, “Oh so everything is OK then.”

They are usually multi-tasking when they are talking to you, not because they have to, but because they are too important to do one thing at a time, especially things like talking to you.

To remain dominant, they reassert their top-dog position through aggression and disregard for others, and sometimes they even stage fights just to show you who’s the boss. They seize every opportunity to pull rank. And they patronize and belittle you.

One thing they absolutely hate is to be told what to do, even if it's just in their imagination. Now if you are really bored one day, just start any sentence with "you should," and you don't even have to finish it, like "You should take an umbrella...(it might rain later.)" or " You should be able to sleep tonight...(it's not that hot anymore.)" Trust me, it's much more entertaining than watching fireworks.

When they unfortunately fall in love and thus feel vulnerable and insecure, they are fast to accuse and criticize. And if you are emotionally mature enough not to be provoked, they will verbally abuse you until you finally crack. But as soon as you lose control, they will suddenly calm down and ask why you are so irrational. They are the firm believers that the best defense is offense. So they make sure they always attack first and fast. 

And when things go wrong, they will blame it all on you, because we all know alpha males can never make mistakes. Sorry, it must have been you. Their favorite thing to say is “Why do you always cause problems?” But they are also the most difficult to break up with, because when they decide to be nice to you, they can produce miracles. And you live for those rare magical moments.

But you know what, alpha males are all Peter Pan deep down. They are always looking for their Wendy, since girls leave them one after another when the poor girls eventually grow up and get fed up.

Well I think I’ve finally learned my lesson too.