Nov 11, 2011

It’s My Party

I am no party animal, but I love giving parties, which I believe has something to do with my genetic yearning of feeding people. Or perhaps it's because I can't eat much, so I have to content myself with vicarious eating.

2 weeks ago I had a potluck, about 25 people turned up and we had a blast. After a mini-concert, a tango dance, and lots of beer, wine, sake, and cocktail, everybody left to catch the last train home. When I was cleaning up the mess, I felt grateful and rich. I am grateful that I have so many friends who have enriched my life.

That night I met many wonderful new friends, including a refreshingly bubbly girl from Singapore who was the life and soul of the party. And many of my old friends came so that we could finally catch up again. Even those who couldn’t make it also replied to my invitation and we made sure we were all still alive.

And the best part of the evening is when I saw people exchanging contact info, because then I knew they had found some connection, which may or may not flourish into anything, but at least it’s a start. And in a big city like Tokyo, we can lose ourselves so easily. We all need friends.

That's why I am especially grateful to my guardian angels, the few friends I know I can always count on. And they also know I will always be there for them whenever they need me.

Last night I invited some of them over and I cooked. Well I cooked too much as usual. But oh they loved the food, so now I am really glad I don’t have to eat the same leftover every day this week. And we talked, drank, and then talked and drank some more, until one of them fell asleep on the sofa…

The best way to enjoy life is to have a few good friends around and party till dawn!