Nov 2, 2011

Nice Weather For Ducks

Japanese love their hot springs. They spend hours getting to the hot springs, stay at a hotel there one night, and take a hot bath 3 to 5 times during max 18 hours of their stay.

I like to take a bath too. But unlike Japanese, I can't do it in the summer and I also have problems doing it with strangers I don't plan to have a serious relationship with.

The most horrific thing which can happen to you is being started at by everyone, men AND women. Oh yes, some public baths here in Japan still keep their good old tradition of mix-gender baths.

So I can either take a very long and very hot bath at home or go to a hot spring and stay at an over-priced hotel that has a private bath in the room. Well, of course I choose to stay at home and enjoy my private bathing time at leisure and without any hassle.

Some people read in the bath, some watch movies. But I prefer listening to Jazz or operas, eating strawberries with vanilla ice cream, and slowly sipping chilled white wine in the bath. Very busy actually...

And talking about bathing equipment and accessories, my bathroom has the standard water reheating function, but I have been thinking about installing a Jacuzzi, even though I am sure my 2 toy ducks won't be very happy about it.

I also have 2 bath pillows, one is plastic and shapes like breasts (designed by men for sure), the other is an air pillow. The former is too hard and the latter too soft. So I don’t use them at all.

Last year someone gave me a floating candle and I love it. But I also have an electric bath light that has many colors and can turn your bathtub into a disco. I still don't have the courage to try it out.

Some people like bathing salts, others like bathing oil. But my favorite is, of course, bubble bath!

Oh the water is ready, it’s time for my bath now!!