Nov 6, 2011

Let The Good Time Roll

After the shopping square, I sometimes go to the octopus ball (takoyaki, and "ball" describes the shape!) shop next to Peacock the supermarket. Although I always have the doubt at first, every time I manage to finish all 8 balls in the end somehow. And if you are into sweets like me, you might as well get yourself a red bean paste fish cake (taiyaki, again "fish" means the shape!) there too.

Next on my list is Next the shop, one of the few shops in Tokyo where I can avoid clothes that make girls look like Christmas presents. The traumatic task of decision-making in the shops often leaves me weak with hunger, so I usually have to get some chocolate ice cream shake in Godiva after shopping at Next.

On the street where Godiva is, you can find many interesting shops, especially the one which sells fun stationary and other weird but rather useless stuff in the basement.

And if you turn left at a small side street there, you will find my favorite Japanese teahouse, Kosoan, which is actually in an old Japanese house and has a traditional Japanese garden. I love sitting on their tatami, sipping the green tea, and looking out at the beautiful garden. It’s an entirely different world there. Almost Zen-like!

The funny thing is opposite this teahouse, there is a little Venice right there, with a bridge, a gondola and some fake Italian buildings. This sort of thing will only exist in Japan, I tell you. The country is a big Disneyland.

The final place worth mentioning here is St. Christopher’s Garden, which has a delightful English garden and an excellent store policy. It’s not allowed to use mobile phones, iPods, iPads, iPots and iPans (which will soon be available at your local electrical stores) and the like in this cafe, because we are supposed to enjoy our tea elegantly and chat with our friends diligently so that we fit in the exquisite setting.

But honestly, I do respect their policy. And I can also see the benefits of not using all the iStuff for once, and find the real "I" back without the stuff, even just for an hour or so while enjoying a cup of tea. But I am often by myself, hmmmm, I wonder if meditation or sleeping is allowed there...

Well, that's my town. Go on then, have a great time in Jiyugaoka!