Jul 2, 2011

421. Fire


Once a friend of mine was coming to Tokyo on business, so he skyped me,

Me: How long will you stay?
He: Not sure yet. How long will you spend with me?
Me: We can meet as often as you like, but I am not interested in a holiday romance.
He: I am not on holiday, and I am not interested in a holiday romance. However I would like to spend time getting to know you.
Me: Getting to know me in bed, like you’ve tried before???
He: Getting to know you means many things. I would like to see where we can go. Seeing you is about knowing you, it's not just about sex, although it would be nice if sex were part of it.
Me: That's not the most important part to me though, but I know how much
        guys need to get laid.
He:  It isn't the most important to me either, but it is important. (Smile) You
        are starting to understand us. What is important to you?
Me: Compatibility as life partners.
He: Yes... but for me, sexual compatibility is part of it. It's all linked.
Me: Let's be friends first. That's the most important part in any relationship
He: Hm…I don't mind being friends. It's a good start. It's what we have been doing here, in a sense. Are you suggesting friends with no sex?
Me: But do you really know me though? And I don't think I really understand you either.
He: I am starting to get to know you. Remember what you said that guys need to get laid. If you want guys to appreciate your needs, it stands to reason that you should appreciate theirs.
Me: So women need to be understood, and men need to get laid. Love for sex and sex for love. Now that's deep!
He: That could be a quote from “men are from Mars, women are from Venus.”
         No, it's not deep, but the essence of it is quite right.
Me:  Well, I hope you can get laid many times then!
He:  What do you mean, you hope I get laid many times?
Me:  I love sex, but only with the man who wants to understand me. Sorry!

Nobody is right or wrong here. It’s just the sad truth that men want sex, women want love. And they will be compatible only when they think it’s a fair exchange.

The best sex for most men is doing it in every possible position and every imaginable place, with every woman who is willing. And all the unwilling women will be labeled frigid, bitter, dyke, or simply a psycho.

While the best sex for most women is doing it with someone they love, although I would be lying if I said I was incapable of enjoying wild dirty, and meaningless sex.

Men might have a higher sex drive, but personally I think it’s just the result of positive reinforcement. Women are often disappointed in sex, and that’s why men think we are not that keen on sex.

So I guess basically men and women are the same, we are all interested in getting an orgasm, not only giving one, although many women are used to just giving, a bizarre idea which is unthinkable for most men!