Jul 5, 2011

424. Allright


I am not that good with words. I just think differently, so differently actually that perhaps my brain is not quite all right, as many people have wisely pointed out before.

Once someone told me he looked like his mum, so I asked how old his mum was, and then tried very hard to picture a 62-year-old woman’s face on a 35-year-old guy.

Another time one of my co-workers was wondering why her hair was growing so fast suddenly. So I suggested it might have something to do with the season being spring.

Last time when Julie and I went shopping, we walked past a big tree in the street. Both of us looked up, so I warned her not to open her mouth too wide, in case something unsavory fell down from the tree and sailed right into her mouth. And I meant it.

This morning I spent almost an hour looking for a summer blanket. But after a futile search, I gave up, thinking it might resurface somehow, if I just pretended not looking. And guess what? It did!

You see, I am just telling you what’s happening in my head, in plain English, no fancy words.

In fact, English is not my mother tongue, although it also gives me the perfect excuse to abuse it. What can I say, I just love words, almost as much as music, and definitely much more than images.

When I was a little girl, I spent half of my time hiding under the huge sinister piano, trying to escape any labor-intensive piano practice (well, even when I was only a baby, I instinctively knew that the most dangerous place was actually the safest), and the other half of my time living in the imaginary world I had created with my books. I had this big box full of my favorite books and I often sat inside and read, buried myself in the books literally!

I still enjoy reading, although I am writing more now because I’ve got something to say, but not because I love to play with words. In fact, although I adore words, I firmly believe ideas are much more important than words.

One of the things I hate most is having to listen to long speeches and meaningless monologues. So I’ve decided to keep my own mouth shut whenever I have nothing better to say myself.

I watch movies sometimes when I need some brainless entertainment. I think best movies always have fascinating stories and wonderful lines, while worst movies always have dazzling special effects and spectacular computer graphics.

So I shall stop for now.