Jul 15, 2011

I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing


I love teaching. It’s so rewarding to be surrounded by many shining eyes, knowing that I’m doing something to inspire people on a daily basis and change their lives, hopefully for the better.

Being with students always makes me happy, and I think they all enjoy my lessons because they know that too.

I am certainly not a normal teacher though. Sometimes I feel more like a Disney character when my students ask to have a pic taken with me!

As you might have heard, Japanese students tend to be very quiet in the class, but somehow I always end up with naughty students, who I prefer anyway.

I often tell them how important independent thinking is. I even ask them to challenge me if they think they deserve higher grades.

Although some students do fall asleep in the class sometimes, I usually have their 100% attention, especially after I threaten to fall asleep too if they do.

My class is always very lively and full of laugher. I am definitely not a clown, but learning doesn’t have to be all serious and boring.

I also tell my students again and again that mistakes are not only allowed in my class, but also encouraged and even required!

Everyone needs to make mistakes in order to learn. Me included!