Jul 3, 2011

422. Oh Carolina


Each of my blog post has a link to a song on YouTube. The song represents what I thought about the person(s) in that specific entry, or how I felt at that time.

I always have some music on at home, whatever I am doing at the time, even when I am busy in bed. But I have to choose very carefully, especially for the busy-in-bed part.

Classical music has such a power on me that I sometimes can’t stand it. I am 100% sure I had some connection with it before, in my previous lives I mean.
But I also like R&B, Jazz, Latin, and almost everything else except techno.

Yesterday I finally had time to go through a playlist of 1,000 songs. Some I knew in the first 3 seconds that I should abandon immediately, some have an interesting introduction, but soon get boring, some are tolerable and safe, if you don't expect too much, but not many that you know from the very beginning that you can listen to again and again and never get tired of.

One of the songs I instantly fell in love with is “Oh Carolina.”

When I fall for a song, it could be very serious. I listen to it over and over again for days. I still remember once when I was 16, I had Rodrigo ‘s Guitar Concerto de Aranjuez on the whole summer, nothing else. It almost drove my parents insane. (Oh no, that’s why they are crazy now!?)

Now whenever I hear the familiarly haunting guitar melody again, the memory of that summer comes flashing back.

After numerous love affairs with different songs, now unfortunately, almost every songs has a special meaning to me and can take me back in time, whether I like it or not. Each tune carries particular memories, some happy, others sad, usually associated with the people in my past.

To be honest, sometimes it could be really dangerous just listening to music at random. Ghosts can suddenly appear out of nowhere.

But at the same time I am still discovering new songs and falling in love with them. Some generates energy and some drains emotion.

I hope one day I will find my song, or perhaps the best song is the silence that resonates two hearts of the same wavelength.