Jul 13, 2011

433. I Can See Clearly Now


On Phase 1, I placed many personal ads in Metropolis and attracted hundreds of weirdoes, although some of the weirdest ones have become my friends now. On Phase 2, I decided to give speed dating a try, which turned out to be another terrible mistake. On Phase 3, I started using an on-line dating website, which also proved to be a complete disaster. On Phase 4, I gave up on the men in Tokyo altogether and just enjoyed being single and free.

With my academic background, my search was systematic and methodical, and my approach was rational and analytical. I wasn’t desperate at all. I didn’t take the first heart on offer, nor the second, nor the third….  But I didn’t play around either, because I never wanted to hurt anyone, especially after what I had been through myself. And I certainly didn’t sleep around, mind you.

In my quest for love, I was trying to find "the one," but through the process I’ve found myself. And when I started this blog, I just wanted to write down everything before I forgot, but in the end I’ve finished a book!

I always enjoy writing, and I will never give up writing, although it can be very lonely sometimes. To be honest, I don’t think I would have finished this project if there had not been a few good friends’ constant encouragement and support. Thank you, guys! You know who you are.

Also, to protect the people around me, I’ve done my best to hide everyone’s true identity. I’ve changed not only the names, but also almost everything else. And if you think you might have recognized someone you know in my blog, let me tell you something, one of my friends couldn't even find the post about himself, after I told him I had written about him!

Now I am looking forward to having it published, even though I’m really lazy about getting rich and famous. In fact, I have decided to make it into a book simply because I believe this blog deserves a wider audience, and I hope it can help the readers to find themselves as well.

Looking back at my journey, well, I've got just one thing to say now, "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!"

Thank you for reading my blog. And if you want to contact me directly, please write to me at professor.usagi@gmail.com.