Jul 11, 2011

431. Your Mama Don’t Dance and Your Daddy Don’t Rock & Roll


Julie and I went to Andrew’s gig again last night. We also invited Paul the photographer. And there we ran into Pat, my other photographer friend, with his friend and also a professional photographer called Martin, from Germany.

It was a night of photographers. Tokyo is infested with misbehaving male photographers! It’s about time we had some naughty female ones, don’t you think?

Pat and I had a disastrous photo shoot before, well, he worships himself and his photos, but I don’t, while Paul and his gorgeous Australian assistant, Ann, just did a very successful one with me last week.

Martin soon exhibited the first sign when some photographers spot me, staring at me intensely while imagining the light and studying the angles. He gave Julie and me his business cards, and asked me for a photo shoot.

But for some reason, he decided to dance at his seat all night, instead of joining us on the dance floor. He really has nothing to worry about, but I suppose he doesn’t know that Julie only bites when she is told to, and I only bite when I am told not to.

Although later after Martin made sure Paul and I are not at all romantically involved, and with some more drinks in him, he proposed marriage to me, 100% jokingly I hope.

The most humiliating thing is, I was there when Paul and Martin discussed me as a model, as if I were not there! Hello, I am not just an object!!! And they both agreed I am a natural, which I happened to disagree. I hate most of my snapshots, and I am NOT a model.

Plus I never consider myself beautiful. Those photographers are always surrounded by supermodels. Seriously, I don’t understand why they want to shoot me, except for other-than-professional reasons.

Julie later confessed on our way home that she finally believed how fast men could fall in love with me, after she witnessed what happened every singe time we went out. And she also agreed I had never done anything to encourage them.

You see, I am definitely not an attention seeker. I am confident enough. I don’t need any unsolicited attention. In fact, I often resent it! And I am not a narcissist either, because I honestly believe that true beauty is from within.

But I do love photography and I have a passion for fashion. After I publish a book and write a song, I am going to take on photography and start making dresses again.

The band was great that night. Andrew really has a way with his saxophone! I don’t know the other band members, but during their break, the singer came and thanked me for dancing and asking me to stay for the second half of the gig.

Well, Julie and I were planning to stay anyway. So again we danced, and the men watched and drooled…

Now if you think we shouldn’t dance simply because of that, I will then kindly ask you to return to your cave and not watch. And in case you wonder, we also refuse to wear burkas!

Look, just to be fair, men can always walk around in micro-bikinis. We girls will have no objections! Deal?