Jun 2, 2011

307. Can’t Touch This


Everyone is divorced nowadays. The difference is just how many strikes, as the Japanese wisely call it.

Once I told someone that I got divorced last year. And he said, “I am sorry to hear that.” So I answered, “Why, nobody died!”

I think divorce is not something to feel sorry about. Instead, it should be celebrated, because you finally realize you deserve happiness and you have the courage to give yourself a chance to start afresh and be happy again.

So next time when you hear someone talking about his/her recent divorce, just say, “Congrats!”

Brad is also divorced, an ex-banker in Tokyo, and now a small business owner in America. He comes back to Japan every month on business, and visits his kids.

He looked quite presentable on Skype. So I was a bit disappointed when I met him for the first time, and his loud jacket, 2 sizes too small, was not the only reason. It was a real tragedy.

Skype can be so misleading! And I sincerely hope the men I have Skyped with didn’t hold the same opinions when they actually met me in person…

But whatever they think, I know many of them take snap shots of me on Skype, even though I specifically ask them not to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love photo shoots, but it’s simply not fair, I often have no make-up on when I curl up comfortably on my big leather chair in my bat cave.

But unfortunately, somehow most men seem to find me irresistibly sexy on Skype.

Guys, I swear I am not trying to seduce you by wearing no make-up and having my hair sticking up in all directions.

And girls, the most useful phrase you should learn when you Skype a guy is, “Show me your hands, BOTH hands, please!” Try to say it frequently, and sternly.

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