Jun 15, 2011

404. Don’t Talk Just Kiss


Steve, a French-Canadian photographer, found me next from the same website. He wants to move to Japan. Yeah, another photographer…

I still don’t get him, honestly, even though I sometimes thought I could read people effortlessly, perhaps just my way-too-vivid imagination then.

He often wrote me extremely long emails, telling me how he dreamed about me again, and then disappeared for weeks. And when he came back, he would tell me he was struck down by yet another rare illness or some unfathomable accident. Oh he certainly could talk.

I think most photographers have more female friends than male friends, because only women can tolerate them. My patience with them is gradually running thin, but don’t get me wrong, of course I am flattered that many photographers seem to find me attractive, even though they are always surrounded by top models.

But I often wonder if beauty is the only thing they are after in their lives. They pursue it, try to capture it with their lenses, and keep it fresh forever, as an image. I guess after some time, they simply can’t tell what’s real and what’s not anymore.

To be fair though, Steve often told me all he wanted was love. Well, what a coincidence, me too!

Last week, I happened to have a fascinating conversation with one of my Aussie friends over some beer. (BTW, I do drink beer sometimes!)

Me: What’s the meaning of life, you think? (With that question, obviously, you know I was tipsy already!)
Him: I always want to do something nobody has ever done before.
Me: Oh, doesn’t that mean you have to keep track on what the other people have done, so that you can actively avoid doing the same things again?

He failed to see the irony. And he wasn’t interested in what I thought about the subject matter either. He never asked.

For me, the meaning of life is to learn how to love and to be loved, and I don’t mean only the love between partners. It’s a learning process. And I am still learning.