Jun 23, 2011

412. Good Girls Go Bad


I went clubbing again, just to show my support for Julie’s still budding DJ career. Oh well, I guess I’ve been clubbing heavily lately... 

The other day in a club, I heard a song called “Bad Girls Do It For Fun; Good Girls Do It For Love.” Hmmm, I am not sure if I am a good girl trying to be bad, or a bad girl trying to be good!

Julie and I met at an up-market bar first. She looked stunning in the black evening gown I picked for her on our last shopping spree. The dress was gorgeous, especially after she had it shorten by 10cm! I was wearing a simple black Chinese dress, honoring her request.

We sat outside on the terrace, looking down at the beautiful evening streets of Omotesando. While we were waiting for another friend, Keith, I had a glass of chocolate martini and was totally plastered, although Julie was not affected at all after her first Cosmo.

But later when Keith walked in, in his white shirt, black linen jacket, and blue jeans, Julie seemed a bit surprised, even though I had already introduced them to each other before. Well, Keith did look divine that night.

I guess those two really enjoyed the spectacle of me lying on the couch, covered with 2 blankets and struggling to keep both eyes open. Both of them kissed the top of my head, for some reason...

I half listened to them talking about music for about an hour, then Julie went to the club to get ready for her DJ gig. Keith persuaded me to grab a bite to eat at a Turkish restaurant nearby. So we went and he ordered more drink, only for himself of course, since I was still trying to get my poor brain to start working again. But after some more drinks, Keith started to complain about how I never took him seriously, etc etc...

When we finally made our way to the club, Ted was already there with Julie. And things got even more complicated. I knew he was not over me yet, but what could I say, except wishing him and his girlfriend good luck!

After Julie's DJ set, I took a cab home, leaving all three of them there. Well, I am just not the clubbing type! I love to stay home, I am happy in my tiny world, reading, listening to music, playing my music, watching movies, all the boring stuff. But it’s nice to have cool friends, so I can also be cool by association.

Later Julie told me after I left that night, Ted was very busy flirting with all the young Japanese girls in the club. And he seemed to be quite popular as well.

It’s so ironic though. Keith is tall, dark and handsome, but he is really not a playboy at all, even though he looks wild and dangerous. I know he can be very loud sometimes, although he thinks I am the one who needs to be the center of attention all the time. While Ted looks as sweet and gentle as a teddy bear, although he can flirt for Europe, has a girlfriend stashed away, and believes I am the one who plays games.

Barking dogs don’t bite, so I’ve heard.