Jun 17, 2011

406. Gypsy


I respect Chris. He is a rare gentleman, a dying species.

His first email to me goes,

“I am just your average recycled bachelor and part time gypsy. I split my time living in Phuket, Singapore and being on the road. So I have lots of flexibility in where I choose to live, I am healthy and very active and have many hobbies. Love to travel and learn more about other cultures.

Looking for somebody, a special lady with a good heart, nice smile and loves to travel, somebody who is active and loves to explore.

I have lived in Japan for 6 years many years ago and have a real love and warm feeling for Japan and Japanese women. So I am hoping to find somebody of the same spirit and soul.”

Chris is American, a retired international-school teacher. He has lived all over the world. Most of the men I have dated are global wanderers, but Chris is a true gypsy.

I finally met him one day when he visited Tokyo. We talked for 5 hours straight at a café. He doesn’t drink at all, but fortunately, he dances, and believe me, he knows how to move!

We agreed to go clubbing before he left.

I hate smoky places, and Japan is so backwards in many ways. Smoking is still allowed in most public places. That's why I don't go clubbing often, although I love dancing.

Chris is intelligent, intuitive and kind. The only thing is, he has seen too much, and has been burned too badly, so now he doesn’t believe anymore.

Besides, I can never understand the concept of living each day at a time. For me, if I can’t even picture a future with a man, I just know it goes nowhere.