Jun 13, 2011

402. Boyfriend


Some people asked if I was a dog person or a cat person. I am not sure how to answer. You see, I like both dogs and cats. But I am often told I look like a cat, even though I think my personality is more like a dog’s, since I like people, and I am loyal. OK, I suppose I am a cat who behaves like a dog.

Simon has a dog. He is a landscape architect I met at the local dating website there. He took me to the same beach I visited just the day before with Bran, and we went to a Spanish restaurant. I forgot how yummy the food was back at home!

We got along very well, but he had to answer many phone calls from his aunt during our dinner…

Kelly also found me at this website. He is a mechanical engineer, down to earth, well-traveled, have a big heart, and almost perfect, except he was hoping I would agree to live with him, his 29-year-old son, and 26-year-old daughter all under the same roof, while he visits his ailing mother every other day.

We went to many places together and had a great time. I was seriously thinking about leaving Japan, so when he proposed, I almost accepted, almost.

Then I met Glynn, who owns a small business and seems quite successful. He has 2 teenage sons who live with his ex-wife. He liked to remind me, perhaps as much as himself, that he was very popular with women.

He also proposed, after carefully assessing the risk and return. But he never removed his profile from that website.

Actually Glynn and I didn’t spend much time together, because I only stayed home for 3 weeks, before I got fed up with the curfew imposed by my mum, 10pm, seriously.

Some of my friends still call me Cindy now, after Cinderella.

The men back home are lovely. Most of them are honest, direct, generous, caring and simple.

But please don’t make me explain again that Shanghai is not in Japan, I beg you!