Jun 9, 2011

314. Tie Me down


I have always avoided doctors, when I am not sick, I mean. I run to my doctor the first thing whenever I feel the slightest bit of a sore throat.

My first boyfriend was a medical student and we were together for 3 years in the uni. I left him because he cheated on me, the story of my life, it seems. He is one of the most famous cosmetic surgeons in town now.

I honestly don’t know why so many girls go for doctors.  All I want is to love and be loved, and most doctors are just too busy and important for love.

Nick is an Indian-American surgeon from New York. He stalked me at that website for nearly a month, bombarded me with emails, chat requests and interests.

Finally I surrendered and chatted with him, and then as I had feared, he became obsessed with me.

He soon proposed to me over Skype.  Of course I know he was probably insane, but he was totally serious, he wanted to start a family with me immediately. And perhaps you are thinking, maybe he is just not that bright.

But I can assure you, he is extremely intelligent, and I don’t mind that. He can be the smart one, (yes, he had my permission), and I shall be the sexy one. But his arrogance screams his insecurity, and his desire to dominate me, both physically and psychologically, spells domestic violence.

I have always been attracted to the men who know exactly what they want and are not afraid to go and get it. And I do love a pair of strong hands, if you know what I mean.

But Nick was in love with me for the wrong reason. He didn’t even know me that well, even though he thought he did.

And he never asked how my day was, although he never hesitated to share his with me.