Jun 4, 2011

309. Crazy In Love


Alan found me next. He is a Kiwi engineer/businessman, drives a corvette, collects and races vintage motorcycles. I think he is one of the last gentlemen here in Tokyo.

The problem is, he never believed he was good enough for me. Or rather, he calculated his return on investment and decided on other easier options.

Honestly, I can’t blame him. I am probably the most difficult girl any man would ever encounter.

I believe that the man I want should be full of confidence. Not only does he know exactly what he wants too, but he can also peruse me with all his heart, because he believes he deserves me.

But the next man I met is so full of himself that he should be carefully studied and definitely requires some serious observation and documentation, which I unfortunately don’t have enough time for.

His name is Shan, a pompous English professor with a PhD in math from Oxbridge.

He told me he was at that dating website to conduct conversations with the ignorant mess and hopefully, to enlighten them.

I AM NOT KIDDING! He said that.

Oh well, at least he enjoys teaching!

He also claimed to be studying patterns in conversations. But I know he manipulated his subjects, so the validity of his research is somehow doubtful. Besides, his data collection process is also questionable.

Although I am 120% sure he was just doing it for a laugh, it’s simply beyond me how he interacts with any humans. I firmly believe he should limit his conversation partner to himself or maybe bats (sorry, bats…)!

I found his mental state fascinating. But I was also very concerned about his subjects’ after he finished with them.