Jun 22, 2011

411. Sleazy


Bill also found me from that website, a VIAB (Very Important American Businessman) who believed I was only playing games with him because I refused to discuss his high IQ and huge dick.

I don’t play games, because I don’t need too. I am confident and have nothing to hide, good or bad. I think games are only for those who with emotional insecurity issues.

Here is our actual Skype conversation:

Bill: Well, I am a guy. Don’t make me wait too long.
Me:  Well, I am a girl. I don’t do the chasing.
Bill:  If I chase can I catch you? You know the way to a woman’s heart is through her mind, but thievery to a man’s is much lower.
Me:  Now that was low!

Bill always asked me to be nice to him. Apparently he just wants a mother.

He lied about everything, including his name(s) – don’t ask me why, I just knew, but he demanded my complete honesty. He wanted my unconditional love, even though he can never love anyone else but himself.

Haven’t you started to see the pattern here?

We have never actually met. His parting shot is among the most colorful ones.

Dan wrote to me from Canada. He owns a small construction business there. I believe he is genuinely looking for a life partner. But I am really not into a long-distance relationship. And he is too busy to come to Tokyo to see me anyway.

Why should I go to see him, if he can’t even find time to come here first? I’ve met many men asking me to visit them, but funny enough, not many would come here to meet me. Of course they are busy, but guess what, I am very busy too!

I just know if a man really wants me, he will come and get me.