Jun 20, 2011

409. La Bomba


Ted and I went out several times, before I finally realized he had no intention to leave his girlfriend at all.

Once we went clubbing in Roppongi, where one of his co-workers, Julie, had a DJ gig at a club that night. She is also a scientist and OMG, we went to the same university at the same time, but we didn’t meet each other then. And now, after so many years, we met here in Tokyo!!! What are the odds of that?

I really like her and her miniskirt. We instantly bonded. In fact, she greeted me with a hug and one single word, “Soulmate!”, even before we found out about our uni connection.

We agreed to meet again soon, and go shopping together!

I am so hungry for female company. All my other friends here are male, because there are not many western girls in Tokyo. And most guys are just after one thing with me anyway.

I also met Ted's 2 other colleagues, Nick from France and Alan from Australia.

Scientists are real nerds, although I am probably one myself. Nick had to introduce himself to me twice, and the 2nd time he did that, I offered him my hand to shake, but he took it to kiss, then kept holding to it and completely forgot to return it to me, until I politely asked to have it back, which made Alan almost laugh his head off. 

Ted apologized for Nick later and explained that scientists didn’t often get the chance to meet girls like me. What girls? Sex bombs?

The music Julie played that night was techno, which I happen to hate with a passion.

I have many musician friends, and I don’t think it’s just a coincidence. We sort of found each other naturally, although we sometimes have very different tastes. Some of my friends feel techno has no soul, and they simply can’t get it. But I hate techno precisely because I get it.

It’s just I don’t want to let go of myself and join the tribal dance, even though I would probably consider taking a bath in the public hot spring with all the naked strangers, if, and only if the water is reasonably clean. 

In my opinion, classical music is the purified form of human emotions; jazz the sexed-down version, and techno the carnal base.

Some people watch bullfights or kickboxing, some people dance to techno/house/trance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I would always cheer for the bulls, if I were kidnapped to watch a fight one day, I mean.