Jun 27, 2011

416. Another One Bites The Dust


James left Japan last month, after having been here for 15 years. Everyone is abandoning this sinking ship. It really sucks!

Me and James met 13 years ago. I answered his ad in Metropolis, well, Tokyo Classified it was called back then. He is a trader from Switzerland, too intelligent to love anyone else but himself. Oh no, nobody can fool James.

He spent most of his time in Tokyo playing around. He has a very long list of conquests, including several married women. I think he should write a blog one day and share his colorful stories.

Well you see, it’s just too easy for him. He is tall, handsome, blond hair and green eyes. He doesn’t smoke or drink. He can’t dance, but he cycles diligently. A typical gym junkie and health freak.

James had a Japanese girlfriend for 5 years. They met when she was 35 years old and the poor girl waited for him patiently. I have no doubt she loved him with all her heart.

But finally she was fed up of waiting, so she found herself another man, an older Japanese gentleman, and soon got engaged to him last winter. That somehow inspired James to propose too and consequently won her back. But only 1 month after that, they broke up again. This time she quickly married the Japanese gentleman, and James turned into a stalker.

I was so mad at James when he told me the whole story at the French restaurant in Grand Hyatt, one of his regular joints. I was rendered speechless at first, amazed at how selfish a man could be.

He doesn’t love her at all, never did and never will. He wants her now only because he finally realized how much he has lost. He believes she can make him happy, which is the only reason why he wants her back.

I asked him to leave her alone and give her a chance to be happy for once. She deserves it, after all the pain she had to go through with him. In fact, I shouted at him right there in the restaurant.

Later he confessed the only other person who had ever told him the same thing was his mum.

Such a baby!