Jun 25, 2011

414. Take It Off


I had another very interesting weekend.

Saturday evening, Julie came over with an expensive bottle of red wine and some strawberries. I had chocolate truffles, ice cream, mixed nuts and cheese at home. So we had a quiet girls’ night and chilled out.

And Sunday night, I went to a nearby pub with Julie and Keith, to see another friend, Peter, who was leaving Japan. He and his band had a gig there that night.

I had to say good-bye. I felt bad because I think I might have hurt him, or rather his pride, when I refused to leave Japan with him last month. He was almost in tears, down on his knees…

It’s funny though, I didn’t tell him that I was going and I knew he would be surprised, but I thought he would be at least happy to see me, but instead, he was quite distance that night. Well, perhaps it had something to do with that women sitting right in front of him and taking pics of the band all night.

So in the end I was the one who was surprised. But I am glad he had moved on, very quickly. Aussies never waste their time!

Keith left early. I think he was a bit under the weather that night. But Julie and I really enjoyed the music. We were both drunk enough to be invincibly silly.

Later I introduced Julie to the rest of the band members and she immediately clicked with one of them. No surprise here though. Both of them are Americans, scientists and musicians.

I must admit that I really enjoy connecting people. I don’t believe in networking or socializing. Such disgusting words! But I believe in good friends.

So when 2 friends find each other through me, I can be immensely proud of myself!