Jun 6, 2011

311. Shut Up (And Sleep With Me)


I don’t have many things to be proud of, at least not proud enough that I feel compelled to share here, except for my not owning any Channel, Prada or the likes.

Japanese people have this sad reputation of buying everything for the names. Perhaps they just don’t trust their own sense of fashion, and they feel safer to associate themselves with certain labels.

Let me tell you, some Coach handbags are so exclusive that all the girls here seem to have one. I wonder when they will finally learn it’s OK to stand out.

But whatever preference they have got, or haven’t got, I know the Chinese people have a completely different view. The only thing they want from Louis Vuitton is the symbol of social status.

Most of my friends are either confident enough or too poor to afford any social status anyway.

Having said that, I happen to know someone who has a Rotary Club ashtray on his coffee table, although he doesn’t smoke and he is not a member. Oh, and he is also wearing a fake Rolex.

Photographers are also into the fakes and plastic. It’s the basis of their professional world. They are a different species on their own.

The next man I met, although not from that dating website, is Pat, an Australian photographer.

I actually found him through Facebook, a friend’s friend. I saw this beautiful pic of a Japanese woman in Kimono and found out that Pat took the pic. I love photography myself. So I commented on his pic and told him it was a shame that he couldn’t take pics of me because he lived in Australia.

He replied immediately, saying he is actually living and working in Tokyo. So we agreed to have a photo shoot sometime.

About 2 weeks later, he invited me to his friends’ concert at a “live-house” where he was shooting for them. So I went and we talked about our photo shoot.

I told him I wanted pics which showed nothing but everything. He seemed to understand – my mistake to trust people too easily, again!

Sometimes I think Tokyo is too dangerous for me.