Jun 12, 2011

401. Sail Away


On Phase 4, I basically decided to give up finding a man in Tokyo.

On my way home, when I was waiting in Singapore airport for transfer, after suffering the first 7 hours’ journey in the economy class, with screaming kids running around in the airplane, I posted this comment on FB:

Cattle class vs. jungle class: in the cattle class, you expect to hear the young ones bleating occasionally, but in the jungle class, you also get to see them galloping by... from Singapore Airport, waiting for my next exciting adventure into another jungle, well, who knows, I might finally meet my Tarzan!:)

Although Tarzan didn't turn up, I think I was anyway too exhausted from all the scare and worry.

When I saw my family waiting to pick me up in the airport, I hadn’t had much sleep during my 27-hour journey, not to mention all the sleepless nights back in Tokyo.

But I still couldn’t sleep. I was so excited to be home again. I ran to the nearest ice cream shop and wolfed down a super-size ice cream and immediately earned myself a super-size headache from brain freeze.

That night I woke up with a jolt in the middle of the night, frantically trying to remember where my evacuation bag was.

The next morning, I reached a new resolution and was determined to have a good time back home. A very good time, I mean.

So I became a member of the local on-line dating website, although in my profile, I was honest about my visitor status.

The first man I met is Bran, a PR manager in a college. He took me to the most famous dating spot in town and we had a walk at the beach, enjoying the breathtaking sunset sky.

He was sweet, but I somehow felt all his moves were pre-calculated, down to his constant winks.

Now let’s talk about winks. Please, somebody, please enlighten me, why are winks considered sexy????

And if you wink, while making clicking noise, what are you planning to attract? Your dog?