Jun 7, 2011

312. Vogue

Pat the professional photographer told me he usually had his photo shoots at love hotels, paid by the models, because love hotels provided best settings.

I don’t know many love hotels, and I hate their seedy image anyway. So I told him I would rather have the shoot at my place, but I also expressed my concern of letting a total stranger into my house.

He reassured me he was professional and all his models trusted him because he had his reputation to protect too. And he also explained about the contract we would have to sign first, regarding terms of release, and privacy matters. Basically he wouldn’t release any of my pics without my permission, but I also can’t publish them myself. And he promised he would give me a CD with all the pics on.

So finally I agreed.

The day we had the shoot, I was well prepared. I lined up all the dresses, accessories and shoes, and waited for him. He brought a suitcase full of equipment.

It took us 9 hours to finish the shoot. And of course he made his move on me. Believe me, it was damn hard to say no to an alpha male who considers himself better than GOD!

When I told him I don’t date photographers, he said, “Who is talking about dating!” -- the best parting shot I’ve ever had, which revealed everything about him.

He never gave me the CD he promised, but he did send me some of my pics which are technically amazing but aesthetically disturbing.

Disclaimer: I am not saying ALL photographers are like Pat here, but I want to warn all the girls to be careful, especially if someone suddenly approaches you on the street, wearing a huge camera and probably a thick gold chain around his neck, and asks to take pics of you because you are oh so kawai, Girls, just start running when he utters the word “professional photographer.”