Jun 5, 2011

310. I Know You Want Me


Dann, an articulate Belgian professor, found me next. He is a real intellectual/academic and a single dad, which is most unusual here in Japan. He lives in Osaka with his 5-year-old son.

We seem to understand each other quite well, and we enjoy chatting on Skype. The weirdest thing with him is, we never flirted. Not even once. 

Plus, I am not willing to move to Osaka, and he can’t move to Tokyo because of his job. So we have never actually met in person, and I doubt we will.

But I always believe we make our own destiny. I know my man will come and get me, no matter what. And I will follow him anywhere he goes.

I met Henry next. He is a professor and a surfer.

He is from America, teaching English in 3 different universities here in Tokyo.

I like him, because he is also very honest to himself. We met only once, at a café. I think I might have dazzled him accidentally.

I told him about my blog later, but he didn’t want to read it, because he was interested in me, and he didn’t want to know about the other men in my life, or so se said.

But I see it as a sign of emotion immaturity and lack of confidence, although I also suspect he is more interested in talking than listening.

There are 2 types of people, talkers and listeners. I am a rare both.

I know Henry is a talker, which is of course not a sin, and most men I know are talkers. But Henry already has 2 dogs anyway. I don’t think he needs a woman who talks back.

Also, if he is seriously interested in me, shouldn’t he try to get to know me first? I can’t help wondering exactly which part of me he is interested in.

And if he really wants to get into my mind and my heart, what can be a more efficient, effective and intimate way than reading my personal blog? Unless, of course, my mind and my heart is not what he intends to get into!