Jun 18, 2011

407. Wild Thing


Chris and I went clubbing the night before he went back to Singapore.

I took him to the single bar in Roppongi and there he told me some women were truly sexy because they were naturally so, and I thanked him. He also told me that for him, the most important quality in beauty is smile, and then eyes. So I thanked him again. Next he explained the different degrees of head turns when men see pretty women. According to his theory, I scored more than 90 degrees. So I thanked him again.

We chatted away happily, until later we found out, to both our horror, that the friend he was staying with was Tim, who I dated long time ago…Talking about small world!

After the bar, we were ready to dance. We went to my favorite club first. But it was so crowded. The people outside were trying to get in, while the people inside trying to get out, a bit like marriages, I suppose.

So we went to another club, and saw some well-dressed, respectable-looking people there. Somehow we were not particularly thrilled with the idea of displaying ourselves alongside with them. So we decided to go to another club, which had good music and great ambiance, but unfortunately I had a fight with a waiter named Malcolm there.

I was sitting alone, watching Chris dancing, when Malcolm the waiter came and asked me to move to a 2-people table, since the table we had was for 4 people.

Looking around at the almost empty place, I told him that earlier we were sitting at that 2-people table, but the next table were smoking, so I asked one of their waitresses and got her permission to change tables.

He replied, "I don’t care what that waitress said. You heard me, I said no!", then he just picked up our drinks and moved them to that table.

I was so drunk then, so I let him move our drinks, and waited to see if he would proceed to move me as well. He didn’t, but I suspect he was contemplating just that.

After he left, I stood up, a bit unsteadily, went to the other table and retrieved our drinks.

When Chris came back from the dance floor, the waiter came again and asked us to move. Chris didn't know what happened earlier, so he agreed. But I just sat there, smiling up at them sweetly, shaking my head. So Chris stayed with me. And Malcolm the waiter finally left us alone.

But we left shortly after that, and I explained what happened to Chris, who then complained to the manager outside. The manager told us the waiter's name and apologized profusely.

You see, I can be very stubborn sometimes, especially when I know I am right.