Jun 21, 2011

410. The Way She Shakes That Thang


Several days later, Julie invited me to one of her DJ friends' gig. I immediately accepted, even though I hate techno with a passion.

It was an incredible night. Julie and I seemed to understand each other effortlessly. I am sure we knew each other in our previous lives.

That night we partied till late. Very late, again.

The next day, I woke up feeling like a zombie. Even the song “I Am Too Sexy” failed to jump start my jelly-like brain, although it did somehow keep me upright, walking like a sexy zombie!

Soon after that, she took a day off and we went shopping together. It was a gorgeous day. First we had lunch at an Italian restaurant, sitting outside, eating our salad and talking non-stop.

Then we hit the shops. I used to live in that area before, and now she is living in the same neighborhood. Another coincidence, although we are kind of used to that by now.

We agreed to show each other our favorite shops, and surprise surprise, we like the same shops, too, what’s new there?

Later we even bought the same shirt in a shop. We just had to. It was too cute!

Also, both of us can’t resist chocolate or ice cream. When I introduced her to Godiva’s chocolate ice shake, she went crazy. So we had to order one each and then ate it on the street, even though it was getting dark, and we were both shivering from the cold wind!

After that, we came back to my place and had a fashion show. It was fabulous and wild!

I’ve never had so much fun with any man before.

We both treasure friendship more than anything else. And we know we have stumbled upon something extremely precious when we found each other.

I know we will be friends forever, no matter what happens.